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The Art of Spiritual Transformation

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  Mastering the Mayan Mysteries #10- April 15-25, 2015
Beautiful, mystical, deeply felt and resourced…. Together we will dance, shift states of consciousness, create miracles in our lives, and celebrate. Growth with awareness is bliss…with resistance, it is difficult.  The idyllic oceanfront setting of Akumal, Mexico creates a cocoon of magnificent radiance for us to do our sacred work. We will deepen our spiritual journey through the beauty of the Mexican Riviera, by entering deeper states
of consciousness, inducted by Mayan rituals and healings, dream work, meditation, and so many blessings by the sea.  Our gathering here will be in preparation for entering deeper states of consciousness, facilitated with dream work, meditation, music, movement, energy healing,  and with considerable free time to explore your choice of the surroundings. 

Spaces are still available.                                                             
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  Five Day Healing Intensive - 2015
Embracing God the Father
June 17-21, 2015  - Phoenix,  AZ
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Maria Elena and Jacqueline have received an immense response from their five day “at home intensives." The Five Day Intensive is envisioned as support in "birthing people into deeper states of Higher Consciousness." The combination of Maria Elena's and Jacqueline's range of energies facilitates a  deep  immersion  into multi-dimensional fields of consciousness for profound healing experiences and dynamic transformation. Along with meditation, movement, high intensity sound, sacred drama,
energy work, dream interpretation, and conscious presence, their diverse backgrounds provide access to traditions as ancient as sacred storytelling, Shamanic healing and breath work. This is offered for people who would like to participate with no more than three other participants. Future dates will be announced.

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Maria Elena 602-957-3740 or Email or Jacqueline Bayne 602-821-7149 or Email
  Private Consultations
Telephone and one-on-one consultations are available.

Maria Elena 602-957-3740 or Email

Jacqueline Bayne 602-821-7149 or Email

Consultations are 50 minutes with additional 15 minute increments.
·  Energy medicine
·  Dreamwork * symbols * images
·  Opening to creativity
·  Meditation * breath work  
·  Embracing changes
·  Self-help in Self-healing
·  Family and Ancestral Healing
For those who want to step into the deeper mystery, you can design an individually tailored program that will specifically address your interests, deepest desires and concerns.

·  Spiritual transformation
·  Deepening connection to Heart Center
·  Flowering of the soul
·  Relationships
·  Parenting
·  Intuitive development
·  Inner guidance support

Weekly Classes

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Weekly Circles
Private Consultations
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Five Day Intensives
Mayan Mystical Journey
Maria Elena Cairo has conducted spiritual and healing seminars throughout the US and abroad for more than 30 years. A gifted and sensitive teacher, Maria Elena has extensive experience facilitating profound states of altered consciousness using ritual, meditation, dream work, movement and music. Her training includes specific initiations from her root spiritual teacher, shamanic initiations and apprenticeship, as well as teachings from mystics and master teachers in tantra. More...

Maria Elena leads groups on Mayan Journeys to the Yucatan semiannually that provide participants with the opportunity to explore energy medicine and alternative healing practices as well as offering:

  • Five Day Healing Intensives
  • Workshops & Classes 
  • Private Consultations
  • Weekly Circles

Mastering the Mayan Mysteries #10
April 15-25, 2015
Akumal, Mexico
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October 14-24-2015

Phoenix, AZ

Embracing God
the Father
June 17-21, 2015
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July 22-26, 2015

Sunday, April 5th
Phoenix, AZ
Feldenkrais, Mysticism and Dreams
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Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement
Phoenix, AZ
10:30 am - Noon

March 14, 21
May 9, 16, 23, 30
June 13, 20, 27

Breath & Oneness
Phoenix, AZ
7:00 - 8:30 pm

March 11, 18, 25
April 1
One on one sessions for those who want to step into the deeper mystery.

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Phoenix, AZ

Few individuals know the path through life's difficult challenges into the Heart Center and its deepest Grace/Mystery, Unconditional Love. Maria Elena does and at profound levels. Without reservation and with great admiration I recommend her work to the most hesitant beginner as well as to those well along this most wondrous journey of Self knowledge."

Brugh Joy, MD

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